Friday, October 27, 2017

Veteran's, We Salute You!

This November 3rd, we will be honoring our Veterans with a day of free dentistry. For the past four years, this has been our favorite day. The event has given us the opportunity to connect with veterans in our community and personally thank them for their service.


In the past, we had done other community events with free dentistry, where people lined up were seen on a first-come-first serve basis. It didn't leave us with the feeling that we had truly given back. Throughout the year we looked for opportunities to serve and felt very impressed that the ones that we needed to serve were the ones who had made it possible for us to live in this country, to enjoy the freedoms that we do, to have the opportunity to live the American Dream, because they are apart of the honorable group who gave their lives for the American Dream.

Instead of waiting in line for free dentistry, Veterans call our office and schedule an appointment. On the day of the event, veterans would join us at our office wearing their colors, share their stories of their service and connect with each other. Before or after they receive their cleaning and exam, they are invited to join us for lunch outside our office between 11-1.

The whole team looks forward to the event every year, Trista, one of our team members and hygienist shares: “Veterans Day is by far my favorite day to work. It is such a pleasure to give back to those who have served for our country. I especially love seeing our veteran patients and their appreciation for our day of Dentistry for them! This day brings big smiles to everyone!”


Dr. Brent Parrott shares his thoughts and memories.
“Of all the days of the year I serve patients, Veteran's Day is by far my favorite. I am so grateful for all those who currently serve or have served in the past. Without Veterans and their families' sacrifices, we wouldn't have the privileges, comforts, freedoms, or opportunities we experience each day. Veterans are also the most gracious and grateful group of people we work with. When the idea of doing a day of free dentistry for our heroes came up, we had many options of how to run the clinic. We could organize the program like other free clinics on a first come first served basis and treat as many patients as possible. In reflecting, we knew there was a better way to extend our Veterans the respect and dignity they so worthily deserved. By scheduling individual appointments with time set aside for each veteran, we are able to spend time getting to know each patient individually. We hope to show our appreciation for their willingness to serve us by serving them one by one.”

If you, a friend or a family member would benefit from this event, please call us today at 533-8204 to schedule an appointment for a free exam and cleaning. We’d love to see you and get to know you.

All pictures from our 2016 Veteran’s Day Event