Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year's Party

Last Friday, we celebrated the new year. Oroville and Paradise Gentle Dentistry teams met at Gold Country Casino for a dinner, a great game and some stories.

The game was a hoot! Everyone had a ticket (including team members + 1s) with a number. Dr. Parrott would call out that number and that person could pick out a beautifully wrapped gift from a giant pile of gifts and open it in front of everyone OR steal a gift another team member had opened. All the gifts were great. There were $50 gas cards, gift cards to fancy restaurants, a nights stay in Reno, Disney and Marvel waffle makers, griddles, etc.

One member got the biggest wrapped present, and inside she found a bunch of 5x* Swag.

*5x is a program that Oroville and Paradise Gentle Dentistry is a part of which teaches team members how to strengthen their individual role in their work, but also in every other part of their life. It also teaches how to create a community within the office and helps remind everyone to be 5 X (times) greater than they are. The program has really helped the office grow. 

NO ONE wanted to steal Katie's gift. At the end of the gift stealing game, Dr. Parrott and Alexis presented Katie with the biggest gift of the night! One week stay at a Caribbean resort! They explained that out of all the gifts, they wanted to help the team understand that the 5x swag represented something that they really love and treasure. 5x has helped them accomplish so much more.

Dinner was great. Gold Country Casino had a buffet with salad, rolls, chicken, beef, vegetables and we also had a chocolate fountain!

Last year, the offices focused on growth. Paradise Gentle Dentistry had a major office renovation, and Oroville Gentle Dentistry focused on increasing numbers. This year the focus is changing to strengthening and growing the team.

This party was a great way to start the year.